Insurance Claims

    Insurance Claims with Charleston Roofing & Exteriors made easy!

    • Call our expert contractor.

    • Have our expert team members perform an inspection on your property.

    • File a claim with your insurance agent.

    • Authorize the selected contractor to repair.

    • Schedule the job and your new roof is installed.

    • Send a certificate of completion to your insurance company.

    • Inspect the final result with your contractor.

    When you choose Charleston Roofing and Exteriors, we offer the reliable expertise for insurance claims you can rely on. Our fully trained team will perform an extensive inspection of your property before you file a claim. That way, you’re prepared to get reliable coverage, low deductibles, and a reasonable rate. We’ll walk you through the easy steps you can expect when you file insurance with Charleston Roofing.

    Our experts know that when your roof is damaged by storms the last thing you need is to be worried about insurance claims. That’s why if your roof has been damaged by storms, wind, or hail, we offer free inspections for your roof to help you get the funds you need to repair your roof and get back to normal life.

    Charleston Roofing and Exteriors is proud to offer reliable help with insurance for each of our projects. We want to help you through every step of the process as much as possible. We’re well-versed in working with a variety of different companies to make sure you get inspections and fair claims.

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