Roof Inspections with Charleston Roofing

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    Our Experienced Contractors Provide Up-Front Roof Inspections for Repairs and Replacement

    The only way to know whether your roof needs a repair or replacement is a visual roof inspection. However, without the right tools and equipment, it’s unsafe to try to inspect the roof yourself. That’s why you need expert inspections from Charleston Roofing and Exteriors. We’ve made the process of getting a custom inspection as easy as possible. We explain the cost, what a roof inspection includes, and recommendations for how best to repair or replace your roof.

    Our Easy Inspection Form

    The process starts when you call Charleston Roofing and Exteriors or fill out our online request form. Then our team of licensed, insured, and bonded experts will schedule a convenient time to perform our full inspection. Before our inspection even begins, we will help you figure out the cost of inspection. For storm damage, Charleston Roofing and Exteriors always provides free inspections. For other roofing problems, the cost of a complete inspection depends on many variables including the style, height, and size of your roof. Our trained contractors know how to examine your roof for any problems that will prevent future damage. Request an inspection now to keep your family safe from future damage from storms or aging.

    Common Inspection Areas

    Charleston Roofing and Exteriors performs a full inspection of the interior and exterior of your roof. Our exterior inspection includes checking for ice dams, a ridge of ice that forms on the edge of your roof and prevents snow from draining off. This can lead to water damage to your roof. Expert contractors will also inspect chimneys and shingles and detect leaks. Finally, we inspect the interior of  your roof including insulation and ventilation to look for mold or mildew damage. When you call Charleston Roofing and Exteriors or request an inspection online, you’re guaranteeing that you will receive honest recommendations to make sure that your roof performs its best for years to come.

    Inspection to Prepare for Future Repairs

    Finally, our expert team will explain recommendations for future inspections. Our Charleston Roofing and Exteriors team knows that different types of roofs have different needs. Shingle roofs need to be inspected every three years, but tiled roofs can wait until five years. No matter what type of material your roof is made out of, our licensed contractors offer the expertise you can rely on to quickly and accurately determine the condition of your roof. After damage from a storm, wear from aging, or to prevent larger problems from developing, call Charleston Roofing and Exteriors or fill out a form online to get a reliable inspection today.