Additional Products and Services for your Roofing Needs

Attic Insulation, Skylights, and Ridge Vents for your Roof

Charleston Roofing and Exteriors is offers additional roofing services to enhance the beauty of your new roof and ensure that it lasts. We provide attic insulation to keep your home a comfortable temperature and save on energy. We install custom-fitted skylights to add light and beauty to your home. We also fit custom ridge vents to match your existing exterior. To make sure that you get the best insulation, skylights, and vents, call our licensed experts today.


Attic Insulation

Charleston Roofing and Exteriors provides attic insulation to regulate your home’s temperature all year long. Good attic insulation is crucial to ensuring that your home stays comfortable. If you have trouble maintaining the temperature in your home, notice damage to insulation, or if your home is older, it’s time to request new attic insulation from Charleston Roofing and Exteriors.

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If you’ve thought about installing a skylight for your home, you probably already know that it takes a team of experts to ensure that your skylight is perfectly fitted and watertight. That’s where our trusted team comes in! Our fully licensed team will walk you through the entire process. When you submit an online form, we’ll explain the benefits of installing a skylight and help you plan how best to fit it.

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Man caulking ridge vent on new addition

Ridge Vents

When our licensed contractors install ridge vents in your home, we optimize attic and roof ventilation. We also offer ridge vents as a part of our custom Roof + roofing system. Finally, we have the expertise to fix vents based on building codes for your neighborhood. Call Charleston Roofing and Exteriors or fill out a form online to learn if your roof could benefit from ridge vents.

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