Window Installation Materials Built to Last

    Our Experts Use Trusted Window Installation Materials to Create Long-Lasting Beauty

    To ensure that your new windows last for years to come, Charleston Roofing and Exteriors use only the best window installation materials. Our experienced contractors have researched every aspect of your new windows from the wood and vinyl we use to create the design to the caulk we use to install your new windows. Every component of your new windows is intended to create style and reliable energy efficiency for years to come. Call or request more information online to learn about the materials we trust to create new windows you can count on.

    Our Window Installation Materials

    When you add new windows to your home, the material you choose for your design is important. That’s why Charleston Roofing and Exteriors uses wood and vinyl that are long-lasting, easy to clean, and stylish. It’s crucial to the design of your new windows that they are perfectly fitted in your existing exterior. Our trusted team uses window installation materials like expansion foam and long-lasting caulk to ensure that there are no gaps around your new windows. Every material we use has been tested to stand up to the elements including the heat and storms we know affect our Dorchester, Berkley, and Charleston county neighbors. When you fill out our online request, we’ll talk you through the materials we use for each project to ensure that your beautiful new windows last.

    Our Energy Efficient Window Installation Materials

    The materials Charleston Roofing and Exteriors use are also optimized for energy efficiency. We create our windows from trusted products like Energy Star panes that reduce energy costs and block harmful UV rays. Our trusted contractors also install every window with only the best sealing foam and caulk to create a tight seal. The materials stand up to the elements and are easy to clean with common household cleaners if needed. When your windows are installed properly by our experts, this seal makes sure no cool air escapes your home and no hot air leaks in. Our Charleston Roofing and Exteriors windows are a guaranteed way to save you money, so don’t wait to call or fill out a form online.